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Blues Continue To Ignore Their Fans And Tradition

UPDATE:  I have had several people asking for an update on the Blues' organist situation and on ways that we might be able to spread the word.

At this time, Jeremy Boyer has played at only two games since mid-November. The word going around twitter seems to indicate that he will only play a few more games. Please keep tweeting your support for @JABSMusic and include @StLouisBlues and the hashtag #savetheorganist.

Also after checking out the Blues website, it appears that the directer of game entertainment is Lamont Buford. He may or may not be the one dictating these changes but under his watch, in one season alone the Blues have tried to get rid of the organ goal song, and now the organist himself. If you would like to contract him you can do so via his twitter handle @puckhead_hb.  Keep it civil please! That is the only way anything will get accomplished.

Original Story: #savetheorganIST: Many of you know that I am a die-hard Blues fan and have probably gotten used to the fact that I am not always good at hiding my favoritism. Unfortunately I dislike the game entertainment management as much as I love the team. Recently their decision making has left me wondering if they even care about their fans at all. Worse yet, my emails and tweets to the team have been completely ignored as they have been in the past. That doesn't say much for their public relations department either. Many Blues fans are aware that the organ music at Scottrade Center for the last month has been less than stellar to say the least. In fact, the energy that the organ has always provided even in the worst of games has now vanished.

Back around 2008 the Blues decided it was time to bring back live organ music. For several years the music had simply been pre-programed/recorded music from the organ itself. They hired Jeremy Boyer, a Southeast Missouri State graduate who had experience playing the organ for their basketball games as well as the Saint Louis Cardinals' AAA affiliate Memphis Redbirds.

Jeremy took this role very serious and even studied with the great long time organist Ernie Hayes. He understood how important the team's history and traditions were to it's fans and worked very hard to respect and honor those traditions. He played our goal song very similar to the way it was played back when the Blues played in the old arena.

Fast forward to this season: The Blues' management surprised us all in the preseason by changing up our goal song. This is not the first time in recent years that they have tried to do this. Each time the change is met with outrage from Blues fans and this time was no different. Apparently the 'suits' do not have a very good memory, or perhaps they just don't care what fans think.

 The preseason drama hit twitter in the form of a hashtag "#SaveTheOrgan." It seemed to work as the Blues would soon release a statement assuring its fans that the traditions they cared about so deeply, including the organ, would be sticking around. At that point we thought the drama was over and had the Blues management stopped there, we would all be happy campers.

Sadly this was not the end of the story. While we don't really know what is going on with our beloved organist at this time, we do know a few things.

  1. Jeremy never missed a game in his time with the Blues.
  2. Blues management have already proven that they want change for the sake of change.
  3. Jeremy has not played in over a month as of the posting of this article. 
  4. Another person or persons has been filling in on the organ. 
I have not heard anything about whether our organist has been replaced, quit or is simply taking some time out for himself. Given the amount of time he has been gone, I would now highly doubt that he is taking time off. Someone who never misses a game is not likely to take off too much time all of the sudden. 

Given the poor judgement that the manger(s) overseeing game presentation seem to make, I would now guess that they are up to their old tricks. Even more convincingly, they do not seem to be responding to any fan's questions or complaints regarding the issue. 

Its time to show the Blues management that 18,000 plus fans packing the arena every game are the one's whose opinions really matter. Not some suit and tie who might be wanting to make a name for himself. I ask everyone to go to twitter and voice your concerns using the hashtag # AND send your concerns by email to or call (314) 622-2500. 

Also there is a survey on the Blues site where you can leave feedback: Guest Experience Survey. Together we can get him back behind the organ at Scottrade Center in no time!

Finally, here is a clip of our wonderful organist playing the old St Louis Arena organ a couple years ago at Scottrade Center. 

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  1. I like the version from 1996-2008 of Blues go Marching in because it sounds loud and bold when used on the synthesizer. That said Jeremy is very talented though, but I dislike the church organ that the Blues have because it's very week and not designed for a large space like an arena. The new organ they have brought in sounds VERY similar to what the Blues used from 96-2008 including the chords as well. What I would like to see is Jeremy playing on this new organ they got installed. So what has happened to him? Maybe he broke his arm or something? Why would they just get rid of him? Oh and KEEP the organ after goals! I'm sick of the Blues wanting to keep messing with it. This garbage started with Jim Woodcock in 2002 and they were firm BUT us fans demaned the organ and it came back in the playoffs that year against the Canucks.


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