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Scottrade Center Renovation Update

This summer marks the first of the three summers of renovations to the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. For a full list of improvements, head over to the Renovation Task List.

In just the first three weeks of construction, the old scoreboard, LED rings and sound system were removed. Once that was complete, the floor that houses the ice rink was jack-hammered and removed, leaving a 4 foot hole the size of an Olympic size rink.

Over the next couple weeks, a new ice plant will be built and new coolant lines will replace the old ones that were in the concrete. Once that process is done, new concrete will be poured. It should take approximately 30 days for that concrete to cure which means no work can be done on the event floor during that time.

Another current work in progress is the preparations for the new Theater Box seating. Several sections of seats have already been removed, as well as the suites behind them to make way for this new amenity.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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