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About The Blues Public Relations

Most people who follow Frozen Faceoff know that I am a diehard Blues fan. I make little effort to hide it and at times, it probably gets in the way and annoys fans of other teams. This is one reason why I initially created the BlueZone, so I would have an outlet as a Blues fan and not necessarily annoy our whole audience. I really do appreciate having fans for all over the league. Yes, I even appreciate you Blackhawks fans, many of which have been very helpful and supportive of Frozen Faceoff.

Some people have been surprised by many things I have posted on social media that critisize my favorite team. Some have wondered if it is someone else who works for the site that hates the Blues, but make no mistake, it was me. The fact is, there is a serious falloff when it comes to the public relations between the Blues and its fans compared to the other 29 teams. I have excluded Las Vegas from this as I have yet to have any interaction with their PR teams.

Long before I started noticing game entertainment falling off and before I began calling out the Blues for taking away traditions that fans cherrished, I reacheded out to all 30 teams on multiple occasions. Sometimes requesting information for our site, pictures, or even just simple questions. In doing so I knew that it was very likely that some clubs would be unable to grant some requests or even unwilling. That is just the way life goes and that is ok. 29 out of the 30 teams were kind enough to acknowledge my attempts to communicate with them, and many even helped us out in various degrees. The Blues were the only team to ignore our communcation, each and every time. Again, a simple "I'm sorry but we are unable to help with this requst" response would have been more than acceptable. But after multiple attempts, the Blues were the one and only team to show no conserideration at all to our messages. I even considered that methods of communication I was using was somehow preventing them from recieving my messages. In an effort to be fair to the team and not knock them for something that was not their fault, I sent a request for ticket information regarding season tickets in a premium seating using the same exact channels I had previously used. I cannot tell you how quickly I heard back from them this time.

So now you have a little back story for why I have been so hard on the Blues when it comes to communication with the fans. I know I am not the only one who has had negative experiences with them and I truely hope they will work on this aspect of their business. Engaging with the fans is one of the most crucial jobs for a sports team  aside from the performance of the players and team itself. I truely love this team and hope that they can find a way to be one of the best communicating teams in the NHL.

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